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What Are the Necessary Steps After a Sinkhole Occurs?

Many times the damage caused by a sinkhole begins with only barely noticeable warning signs. You may have noticed cracks in your foundation, shifted flooring, or misalignment and cracks within doorways and steps. While natural settling can be the cause of these easily overlooked occurrences, there is also a distinct possibility that sinkhole activity beneath your home or business is the culprit. In the case that a sinkhole is indeed the cause, action should be taken to prevent further, more catastrophic events and to obtain monetary damages and repair work for the problems that have already arisen. A Tampa sinkhole attorney can skillfully guide you through the sinkhole claims process.

While Florida law requires all insurance companies that provide policies within the state to issue coverage that includes sinkhole damage, these law can be complex and quite complicated to navigate. After all, insurers will rarely act in your best interest if it costs them money. The most common argument by insurance companies is that your damages were not caused by sinkhole activity. After you make an initial claim with your insurer, in depth analysis will be completed using such methods as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and electrical resistivity (ER). Should your claim be denied, an experienced legal team, in conjunction with knowledgeable experts within the fields of engineering and geology, can fight to prove the validity of your claim. It is best to act swiftly at the first signs of damage so as to avoid unnecessary delays to receiving the sinkhole repair and financial compensation you deserve.

Sinkhole Lawyer in Tampa

Fueled by decades of combined experience and driven by a firm commitment to client care and success, Robert Sparks Attorneys is ready to go to work for your case. Sinkhole insurance claims can be some of the most frustrating endeavors that a home or business owner can ever be faced with, but you will have the resources and legal prowess of an outstanding team of attorneys behind your efforts when you procure our help.

Why prolong and complicate the claims process when strong assistance is available? Contact a Tampa sinkhole lawyer today.

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