Window Frame Cracks and Sinkholes

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In this land of opportunity, we have worked hard to achieve and take special care of our homes and business endeavors. A big part of this effort is ensuring the regular and diligent maintenance of the buildings and property that we own. Among the most troubling signs of a deeper underlying problem can be window frame cracks. Did you know that such cracks are one of the leading indicators of sinkhole development on your property? Should you notice window frame cracks in your home or business – or even more critical, notice their growth – do not delay in contacting a Tampa sinkhole lawyer who can inform you of your rights and best course of action.

Even the most conscientious homeowner or building manager is remiss in their inspection of such things as a foundation, many times shrouded in a dusty crawlspace or a damp, inaccessible basement. Unfortunately, foundations can settle and crack, throwing an entire structure off-kilter, including the creation of uneven floors, window frame cracks, door frame cracks, plumbing issues and their subsequent water stains. This settling can be of a natural progression, but can also be expedited by the development of a sinkhole near your home or business. While such signs as window frame cracks certainly create a cosmetic devaluation to your property as well as a reduction in energy efficiency, they also may point to something much more grievous. Due to the geology of our local area, these stories are far too common.

Tampa Sinkhole Attorney

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Repair work should begin as soon as possible. Contact a Tampa sinkhole attorney for important assistance in protecting your valuable investment.