Water Stains and Sinkholes

Can sinkhole development lead to unsightly water stains?

Our homes and business properties hold a great deal of value to us, for a variety of reasons – and because of this, we are diligent in the care we take of these important investments. Among the many issues that can arise as a building or dwelling ages is the problem of water stains. While many of us may initially see such signs of damage as merely an unsightly blight upon floors, ceilings, and walls, a failure to discover the cause of water stains can end up being a costly oversight. To find out more about how sinkholes can create water stains and how you can act to remedy such a problem, make immediate contact with a Tampa sinkhole attorney.

Purely for reasons of geology alone, our area of the country stands at high risk for sinkhole development. Coupled with an increase in new construction and other causes of groundwater diversion, the sandy topsoil and somewhat fragile limestone beneath it can be unwittingly made even more susceptible to sinkhole advancement. As these anomalies grow, the ground above them sinks and settles, leading to critical foundation cracks. When a foundation itself cracks, it then leads to all manner of other issues such as damage to your interior and exterior walls as well as roofing. Plumbing fittings can become loose and leaky and rainwater can enter your home more easily through compromised roofs and ceilings. In the end, water stains are not of immense harm in and of themselves, but they are a clear indicator of a much more concerning problem.

Sinkhole Attorney in Tampa

Though all insurance companies who offer policies in Florida must cover damage caused by sinkholes, achieving successful and fair results from a claim submission can be far from straightforward. The tenacious team at Robert Sparks Attorneys is ready to act immediately on your behalf, with a goal of getting you the compensation you deserve on a timeline that will prevent further damage to your property’s value and safety. Driven by years of experience and committed to your success, our attorneys are prepared to fight for your best interests.

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