Wall Cracks Caused by Sinkholes

Why are your walls cracking?

Granted just how pervasive sinkhole development is within our area, it is not uncommon to notice wall cracks within your home or business. This serious sign of damage should be promptly attended to, as it is not a condition that will improve or even end if there is a sinkhole developing on your property. With the help of a Tampa sinkhole lawyer, you can begin the claims process with your insurance company and avoid receiving insufficient inspection and delays in repair.

Why do wall cracks occur due to sinkholes? Since sinkholes develop as acidic water eats away at the limestone layer beneath the topsoil, the ground above can slowly settle into these newly forming cavities in the bedrock. This, then, leaves the ground below your dwelling or business compromised. Buildings will settle along with the ground underneath them, which in turn leads to foundation cracks and settling, as well as subsequent vertical, angled, and horizontal cracks in your walls. In cases that are not attended to, catastrophic failure of an entire wall or area of a structure can occur when the loading of weight, due to cracking, is spread in a way which your walls cannot sustain. Repair work should begin immediately, not only on rectifying the wall cracks, but on providing a fix for the underlying problem itself – a sinkhole.

Sinkhole Attorney in Tampa

Robert Sparks Attorneys, well-experienced and committed to our clients’ success, has represented countless people who are going through the same headaches and potential nightmares surrounding sinkholes as you are. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive and knowledgeable counsel as well as immediate action, no matter how complex your case may be. When facing a time-sensitive matter such as the development of sinkhole damage, it is wise to have a legal advocate on your side that is intimately familiar with insurance company negotiation and on getting things done in an expedient fashion.

Contact a Tampa sinkhole attorney without delay if you have noticed wall cracks on your property.