Standing Water From Sinkholes

Is the standing water on my property an indicator of sinkhole development?

As a conscientious owner of a house or commercial building, you likely take regular care to maintain and look for any developing problems on your property. You fully understand the importance of maintenance to your property’s value. What, then, is your next step when the particularly troubling sign of standing water rears its ugly head? Though this may simply be a drainage issue on your property, it may also be the indicator of an expanding sinkhole in the ground below. Make sure to immediately notify your insurance company and then make contact with a Tampa sinkhole attorney who can help ensure that your rights under the law are protected.

We have all noticed standing water on our property or even in our basements at some point. Generally traceable to higher than average rain, drainage clogs, or pooling in a naturally-occurring area, standing water can also be a clear sign of sagging ground. Depressions in your yard, loosening dirt around trees and utility poles, and a sinking foundation can all point to underground sinkhole development. As water stands in these areas, you should be concerned about the further damage that may be unfolding. Do not delay in having your insurer provide a full and thorough inspection and in submitting a claim. Sinkhole repair work should begin as soon as possible.

Sinkhole Attorney in Tampa

Insurance companies are required to provide proper coverage for this type of loss. Their focus on profit margins and bottom lines rather than customer care, however, can easily hold up a fair and reasonable claim payout. Robert Sparks Attorneys, fueled by 110 years of combined experience and legal know-how, can go to work for your efforts, ensuring that your best interests are pursued in a full and expedient manner. Each client we represent receives intimate care and the full efforts of our stellar team of attorneys.

If you notice standing water on your property, take action now. Contact a Tampa sinkhole lawyer today.