Foundation Cracks Due to Sinkhole Development

Tampa Sinkhole Attorney

Perhaps among the most concerning issues that can arise surrounding a home or other building is the appearance of foundation cracks. Such developments can come about for a variety of reasons and merit the immediate attention of skilled professionals. Specifics on the crack size, shape, pattern and location of foundation cracks can tell a great deal about the underlying cause and what action should be taken. Due to the prevalence of sinkholes in our area and the propensity for their development for natural, geologic reasons, it is always wise to procure strong legal counsel from a Tampa sinkhole lawyer when you observe damage to your home or business’s foundation.

Arguably the most critical part of any building’s construction, the foundation lies beneath everything else – walls, flooring, and other structure. When the integrity of a foundation is compromised, issues with almost every part of a building can crop up, from minor cosmetic concerns to serious functional problems with plumbing and even habitability. Fewer matters demand the immediacy of a full evaluation and begin to repairs as do foundation cracks. Since sinkholes continue to develop over time, if that indeed is the underlying cause, a failure to file and follow through with an insurance claim and to prevent delay to sinkhole repair can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Sinkhole Lawyer in Tampa

Where does one turn when damage to buildings and property is thought to be caused by a developing sinkhole? We at Robert Sparks Attorneys are recognized for our legal prowess surrounding sinkhole matters as well as our commitment to client success and personalized care. Our attorneys are prepared to be a swift advocate for your needs and will follow each and every available path to a full, expedient, and successful resolution.

If you notice foundation cracks in your home or commercial property, take action now. Contact a Tampa sinkhole attorney as soon as possible.