Sinkhole Damage and Floor Cracks

What should be done if you notice cracks in your floor?

Residents of the central Florida area have a good general understanding of what sinkholes are and the signs of damage that they should be aware of and constantly looking for. Our homes and commercial properties are extremely important to our livelihood, and when problems arise that threaten to compromise them, a Tampa sinkhole attorney can offer comprehensive and valuable guidance. Floor cracks can be not only unsightly, but also quite dangerous. Your attorney can help ensure that insurers don’t drag their feet in the fulfillment of your claim.

While houses and other buildings will naturally settle over the years following their construction, this process can be rapidly accelerated by the development of a sinkhole on your property. As the limestone beneath is eroded, the ground sinks in and in turn, buildings sink as well. In addition to concerning wall cracks and foundation cracks, fissures can also develop in your flooring. Cracks in the basement concrete or even in your hardwood floors can occur as the ground settling puts pressure on the entire structural integrity of your home or business. While repairing such problems is important from a cosmetic standpoint, it is even more crucial that an insurance claim be paid out to repair the underlying sinkhole problem.

Sinkhole Lawyer in Tampa

Unfortunately, facing the struggles and headaches surrounding sinkhole repair can be an immense burden. The caring team at Robert Sparks Attorneys has decades of combined experience in helping clients with their insurance claims and disputes and in ensuring that they receive the repairs and compensation that they need. Not only possessing a high level of knowledge and ability within the legal subarea of property damage, we also have access to extensive professional resources which could be of critical help to your case.

Floor cracks are unsightly and dangerous. Contact a Tampa sinkhole lawyer immediately for help with your claim for repairs and financial damages.