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The novel coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on business owners across America. From closures and cancellations to unfavorable economic forecasts, businesses across many industries are struggling to stay afloat and find new ways to maintain viability amid volatile times.

While there is some relief in the form of economic aid and stimulus programs like the PPP, those avenues have been notoriously limited, and are largely insufficient for businesses that have already incurred considerable losses, and expect more to come.

For many business owners, the only way to weather the storm is insurance. Unfortunately, insurance companies are taking decisive steps to deny policyholders’ coronavirus-related claims.

Business Interruption Claim Checklist

  1. Are you a business owner?
  2. Is your business located in Florida?
  3. Did you lose income due to government shot downs or stay-at-home orders?
  4. Do you have a business that has been interrupted by COVID-19?
  5. Do you have property insurance for your business?
  6. Do you have any other type of specialty insurance associated with your business?

Why Choose Robert Sparks Attorneys?

  • Award-winning trial attorneys experienced in insurance litigation.
  • Millions recovered for policyholders in complex insurance claim cases.
  • Client-focused firm that prioritizes personal service and communication.
  • Respected by our legal peers and local communities.

Robert Sparks Attorneys is available to help small and large business owners across Tampa and South Florida who’ve sustained losses arising from the COVID-19 pandemic pursue payment from commercial insurance carriers who’ve denied, delayed, or disputed their insurance claims.

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Business Interruption Insurance & Coronavirus Business Losses

Companies purchase insurance for a reason: to protect their business in the event of the unforeseen.

While property insurance and supplemental coverage may cover losses from sinkholes, storms, or other natural disasters, some policyholders may also purchase coverage for losses arising from other disruptions that hinder their ability to earn revenue. This may include:

  • Business Interruption Insurance (losses suffered by a policyholder’s business);
  • Contingent Business Interruption Insurance (losses sustained by customers or suppliers);
  • Leader Property Insurance (losses arising from damaged property which attracts customers to a policyholder’s business);
  • Civil Authority Coverage (disruption caused by government orders / closures);
  • Extra Expense Coverage (additional losses arising from major disruptions).

Insurance companies who offer these and other supplemental products have a duty to uphold their legal obligations when policyholders sustain covered losses, and file valid insurance claims. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, however, the insurance industry has held strong on refusing to pay out claims over business interruption caused by COVID-19.

Often, insurers will argue coronavirus losses are not covered in customers’ policies because:

  • They do not qualify as “physical loss or damage” as required for coverage;
  • There are exclusions for losses caused by a “virus,” “bacteria,” or “act of God”;
  • Existing policies don’t cover the type of loss being claimed.

How We Help Business Owners Fight Back

In Florida, business owners who’ve had business interruption claims denied or disputed by their insurance carriers may have options. That’s because:

  • Claimed exclusions may not apply, and insurance carriers may not have a valid justification to deny coverage to policyholders filing claims over COVID-19 losses.
  • Not all policies contain these exclusions, or only partially exclude certain losses;
  • Policyholders may be able to establish physical damage or instead direct physical loss caused by COVID-19, and argue denials of coverage as improper;
  • All Risk Policies and Civil Authority Provisions are intended to insure loss of business income due to government actions that prohibit access to the business.

In addition to helping business owners seek payment for business interruption claims, our legal team is prepared to address other insurance-related matters, including:

  • Disputes over extended interruption periods as defined by provisions in some policies;
  • Disputes over when business closures began, i.e. were closured due to damage or were they elective preventative measures taken by business owners.
  • Disputes over
  • Bad faith claims;
  • Calculations of Damages
  • Attorneys’ fees.

Call to Speak With a Business Interruption Claim Attorney in Tampa

Although there may be legislative efforts in the works to compel insurance carriers into “doing the right thing,” business cannot rely on these efforts to recover money they need now, especially when insurance companies have powerful lobbies and deploy deep resources to protect their bottom lines.

During these difficult times, we know the stakes are high, and we are prepared to leverage decades of experience to secure the outcomes companies need during these uncertain times.

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