Who Pays Children’s Health Insurance During a Divorce in Florida?

Who Pays Children’s Health Insurance During a Divorce in Florida?

Health insurance is a necessity in Florida, for both adults and children. You never know when a health emergency will hit home and this is why health insurance is a requirement for all. During a divorce, you may wonder how your child will be covered as you are naturally concerned about all aspects involving your children at this time. You may have questions regarding your child’s health insurance and if they will still be covered during a divorce in Florida.

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Health Insurance to a Child During and After Divorce

During the divorce process, you may be concerned about how your child can continue to receive health care coverage. Even though you as a spouse may lose your coverage that you have obtained through marriage, children are considered dependents on a spouse’s health insurance coverage. If your child is covered through your spouse’s employer as a dependent, this means that nothing will likely change regarding their insurance – even when a divorce is in process.

During divorce, it may be decided that the parent who provides financial support to the child must also pay for their health insurance. Of course, this will depend upon many factors and what the court believes is the best plan based on the financial circumstances of both spouses. The courts will typically agree to a plan where the parent who pays support also takes care of the child’s health insurance, as long as the insurance cost is reasonable.

Can the Paying Parent Receive Any Credits?

mom-walking-with-momHealth insurance, like many other costs, can be incredibly expensive. During a financially draining time like a divorce, this can leave parents in a difficult situation that they are not prepared for. There may be options available for the paying parent at this time.

For instance, the parent who is ordered to retain and pay for health insurance for the children may be eligible for a credit. This means that the court will consider how much the parent is paying for and they could be issued a credit on the child support worksheet. This means that the paying parent’s child support obligation could be lowered in the process.

When Additional Medical Expenses Are Required

You are probably already aware that not all medical expenses are covered through health insurance, and the same can be said with children’s health insurance. This means that a parent could be left scrabbling to account for co-pays, deductibles, and prescription fees related to a child’s healthcare.

Under Florida law, both parents are required to contribute to the out-of-pocket expenses that their child requires as it pertains to healthcare. The courts will look at various aspects to make a determination on how much a parent pays, including the combined income of both parents. The courts in Florida will always consider what a parent can actually afford as it pertains to health insurance and many other aspects within a divorce.

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