Auto and Health Insurance: Working Both Together and Separately in Your Accident Case


Like all other forms of insurance, auto and health insurance policies are often extremely difficult to understand, and the policies read like they are written by space aliens.

Being injured in an auto accident will normally trigger both your auto and health insurances into action, and they interact with each other in a convoluted manner. Additionally, the auto and health insurances do not talk to each other, and it is essentially up to the injured party to make sure that each insurance acts appropriately and understands what is going on with your case and your medical treatment. One or two missteps can result in significant liens against your personal injury settlement and unnecessary out of pocket expenses.

While liens and out of pocket expenses are often unavoidable, Robert Sparks Attorneys can help limit your exposure and advise you of the best ways to work with your health insurance, your auto insurance, and your medical providers to ensure that you are not left with any outstanding medical bills at the end of your case, while still obtaining proceeds that go directly into your pocket for your pain and suffering.

In connection with this post, please review this NPR article: Surprise: The Charge For His Spine Surgery After A Car Crash Topped $700,000. If you would like to speak with a lawyer about a recent auto accident and your legal rights, call (813) 336-3348 or contact us online for a free consultation.