Injury Litigation During COVID-19: Courts Are Open and Operational


With telephonic and video conferencing, the Florida court system has adapted quickly to the Covid-19 pandemic. Chief Justice Canady of the Florida Supreme Court has issued multiple administrative orders that offer solutions and guidance regarding the continued administration of justice in our State. In short, courts are operating to their fullest extent, consistent with public safety.

With the exception of jury trials, the administrative order (updated most recently on 05/04/20), advises there should be no limit as to the use of technology in the court system, and any procedural rules that may prohibit remote communications are suspended. As a result, evidentiary and non-evidentiary hearings, case management and pre-trial conferences, non-jury trials, and mediation can all continue to move forward remotely.

Jury trials are suspended through 07/02/20, and court administrators, judges, and lawyers are collaborating on measures to safely resume criminal and civil trials. Some ideas include using large courtrooms, auditoriums, and even the Tampa Bay convention center to allow space for appropriate social distancing.

The Federal Courts are on a different tract, and a stay of all cases through 05/29/20 was ordered. This essentially means that all cases are on hold until then, including all filing and pleading deadlines. Robert Sparks Attorneys is closely monitoring all new developments to ensure we continue to push our cases forward pursuant to each court system’s Covid-19 procedures.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, do not be discouraged by what you might hear about any potential delays in the court system. Call Robert Sparks Attorneys for a full discussion of your specific case facts and how to proceed with pursuing a full recovery for your damages.