E-Scooters Hit Tampa Streets, Raise Concerns Over Safety

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Shareable electric scooters have proliferated across the nation, and have officially made their arrival in Tampa with e-scooter companies the likes of Spin, Lime, Bird, and Jump to deploy thousands of pay-per-minute scooters in the coming weeks.

Though the new transportation option is welcomed by many who enjoy the convenience and fun e-scooters may offer, several problems and safety concerns are already beginning to surface.

E-Scooters in Tampa Bay

As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, e-scooters made their arrival on local streets and sidewalks during the Memorial Day weekend. While such scooters have been in place in cities across the nation for some time, Tampa took a bit longer to launch a 1-year pilot program that will permit up to 2,400 scooters to operate around the city.

For now, riders are only allowed to use e-scooters on sidewalks, but that could change should Gov. DeSantis sign legislation to allow scooters on streets and bike paths, while still allowing local government to make decisions about where to ride within their borders.

Even though there have been just two companies(Spin and Bird) to launch scooters in Tampa – with Lime and Jump pilot-program-approved to launch in the coming weeks – the shareable scooters that reach speeds of up to 15 mph have already reported thousands of trips. That includes trips from all over the city, though Tampa has implemented a number of no-ride zones where e-scooters are banned – including Bayshore Boulevard, the Riverwalk, and East Seventh St. in Ybor City.

In their first weekend in Tampa alone, scooters were already the target of several complaints and concerns, including

  • A complaint from Ybor City of people riding e-scooters in banned areas.
  • Complaints of abandoned or haphazardly parked e-scooters in hazardous locations;
  • Scooter riders blocking walkways or traffic;
  • Motorists failing to see riders entering or within intersections / at turns.

E-Scooter Accident & Injury Risks

While scooter companies work on addressing some of the issues raised by the complaints, the fact remains that e-scooters can pose numerous risks to riders, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. Some of these risks include:

As scooters ingratiate themselves into the daily hustle and bustle of Tampa’s transportation system, risks of accidents and what can be serious injuries – including brain injuries, neck and back injuries, and broken bones – will always exist, especially when riders or others sharing the road and walkways are negligent, and fail to uphold their obligations for exerting a reasonable amount of care.

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