School Bus Crashes Are Becoming More Common in the Bay Area

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ABC Action News recently released a report on a worrying trend in the Tampa Bay area that shows school bus accidents are on the rise.

According to their research, about 486 school buses crash in the area every year, resulting in 2 deaths and 302 injuries, and those numbers are only increasing.

"Stop! I mean, doing this for years and it drives me crazy when you ask a driver, the lights were lit up and they will say, well I didn't see the explanation," said Jim Beekman, General Manager of Transportation for Hillsborough District Schools. “People are in a hurry, no one wants to get around a school bus."

The team at ABC Action News looked at crash data from the past five years, and found that over that time, Polk County saw a 27 percent increase in crashes, Pasco County saw a 65 percent increase in crashes and Hillsborough County saw a 15 percent increase in crashes. Pinellas County was the only area that saw a decreased number of crashes over that time.

One attorney who is currently suing the Hillsborough County School District after one bus carrying 27 children crashed into a pond, said that,

"It's hard to attract quality drivers when the pay is so low… It's about budget, it's about training, it's about more transparency.”

This trend isn’t isolated to the Tampa Bay area – reports show that school bus accidents have increased throughout Florida every single year since 2012.

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