6 Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

gavel and wedding ringsWhen couples consider divorce, they may begin to think of how they will go through the court process. While there are several contentious matters to consider during divorce, not every couple has issues coming to an agreement. Trial during divorce is for couples who cannot agree on the many factors involved such as child support, custody, property division, and more. For those who can agree and work together during divorce, there is another option: collaborative divorce.

Our Tampa divorce lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys encourage individuals to consider collaborative divorce if possible. There are numerous reasons that collaborative divorce can be beneficial. Below, we provide some ways you and your spouse can benefit using this method.

More Control

During a regular divorce, the two parties tell each side of their story. They often argue back and forth regarding all of the issues and at the end of the trial, a judge makes the crucial decisions regarding your family. Through collaborative divorce, you and your spouse can work together on the terms of your agreement so all parties can benefit. You know your situation the most and should maintain control over important matters.

Lower Costs

Remember, if you allow a divorce to go to trial, there is a chance you won’t reach a resolution for some time. This is because you and your spouse may argue or disagree over who gets custody or support and other factors involved in a divorce. This means the fees for both court and lawyers can start to pile up. You can save costs if you and your spouse are able to agree on these matters before even seeing a judge for final approval of the divorce decree.

Less Time Wasted

As we stated, contentious divorce trials can take a long time to resolve. With collaborative divorce, you and your spouse can set the time to meet and discuss your issues. You work directly with one another without interruptions and focus on the things that matter most. If done correctly, a collaborative divorce can get you through the process relatively quickly.

Fair Agreements

When you begin a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse — along with your legal counsel — will all sign an agreement. This agreement states that you two will work together in order to reach a fair agreement regarding the divorce. If no fair agreement is reached, the parties will take the next step, which will require trial. The idea of trial may help the parties reach a fair decision on their own.

Less Stress and Anxiety

Courts can be stressful. You may feel like you did something wrong when you step into a court. It’s even more difficult if you know someone else will be making important decisions regarding your life. By controlling more aspects of the divorce, you can reduce the amount of stress and anxiety you have.

Focus Best Interests of All Parties

Some of the most contentious matters involved in a divorce are child custody and child support. Children are innocent when it comes to divorce and they should still be able to benefit from a bond with both parents. If parents can work together to come up with an agreement that focuses on the best interests of all parties involved, the children benefit from a friendly situation.

If you are interested in collaborative divorce, we encourage you to call our firm. You have the right to control your divorce and come to terms in a friendly, amicable manner. Our team of collaborative divorce lawyers can help you through your family law matters so you can move forward in the most favorable manner possible.

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