What the Most Pedestrian-Friendly Cities Have in Common

Crosswalk signThe Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center has released a list of the 11 most pedestrian-friendly communities in the United States. These cities have a specific factor in common and it all revolves around the Walk Friendly Communities program. This national program works to help make towns and cities throughout the United States safer for individuals who walk on a regular basis. It encourages the cities to make safer walking environments a top priority.

Each of the cities at the top of the list have programs and groups designed to encourage walking which takes more vehicles off the road and makes it a safer place. Not only that, but they also encourage carpools to help lighten the congestion on the roads.

For instance, Ann Arbor, Michigan has the Ann Arbor Safe Streets and Sidewalks Taskforce to help with the issues pertaining to pedestrian safety. This program works with law enforcement, city employees, public relations personnel, legal staff, transportation officials, and more. Santa Barbara, California has COAST, the Coalition for Sustainable Transportation. The group conducts studies regarding pedestrian yields and work towards making for a safer community.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center believes that communities and their leaders can learn about pedestrian safety just by going through the application process in which questions are asked and feedback is provided regarding a community’s pedestrian safety.

The cities on the list have taken various measures outside of raising awareness to help provide pedestrians with a safer environment. For instance, Seattle, which has been given a platinum ranking by the PBIC, has developed a master plan for pedestrians focusing on biennial counts, parking management, building safer routes, and calming the traffic. Santa Barbara implemented a Safe Routes to School program. These are all ways to make sure pedestrians remain safe from vehicles on the road.

There are a number of cities also implementing paseos, or paths that take the pedestrians away from the road while still giving them easy access to the locations to which they normally walk. As long as more and more cities begin to implement measures to ensure pedestrian safety, the number of pedestrian accidents can drop.

PBIC receives its funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, which also helps fund the Walk Friendly Community program along with FedEx. The center is maintained by the Highway Safety Research Center at the University of North Carolina.

Pedestrian accidents place individuals at direct risk of serious injuries every time they walk the road because of dangerous or negligent drivers. By taking the necessary measures to help improve the safety protocols for pedestrians, we can also lower the amount of accidents that occur.

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