Using the Florida Putative Father Registry

Father and SonDid you know that there is a putative father registry to help fathers who have children out of wedlock? This registry protects the rights of the father should the mother try to put the baby up for adoption. In some situations, a mother can place the child up for adoption and may not even be required to name the birth father if the child was born out of wedlock. The putative father registry allows the father to be notified if the mother tries to place the baby up for adoption, after which the father can contest the adoption if he wants.

Without registration on the putative father registry, an unmarried biological father may find out too late about major decision the mother makes, without having a say. This registry allows the father to file a claim of paternity. Fathers would then be notified as soon as any adoption or termination of parental rights action is taken.

The registry is confidential and the only parties who may search it include the following:

  • Adoption entities with connections to the child of the planned adoption
  • The family court under Chapter 63 of the Florida Statutes
  • The birth mother upon receiving a notarized request for registry entry copy
  • The unmarried biological father once he receives his notarized request

At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we understand the importance of fathers’ rights. We know how difficult it can be if an unmarried biological father wants to have custody of the child, but the mother wants to put the baby up for adoption. As a father, you have parental rights that should be protected in a court of law.

Our Tampa father’s rights lawyers want to help you if you are experiencing this situation. Call today and learn what rights you may have and see if we can help you right the wrongs you are facing.

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