New Bill Could Eliminate Permanent Alimony Awards

Upset CoupleWhen a couple divorces, there are some parties who may rely on alimony they hope to receive. Depending on the situation, the spouse receiving support may not have the means to gain employment after the marriage. In normal situations, a judge may award permanent alimony to this spouse based on their inability to successfully earn an income.

Now, permanent alimony awards may become a thing of the past. The Florida Legislature is discussing the possibility of ending permanent alimony awards and replacing formulas established to determine the duration and amount of the alimony payments. The Legislature is also encouraging family law judges to consider equal timesharing and visitation between divorcing parents with children.

In the current system, alimony is determined based on a set formula put into place that uses various factors to determine the amount and duration. This formula factors in things such as duration of the marriage, income of each spouse, each spouse’s ability to earn income, each spouse’s contribution to the marriage, the circumstances of the divorce, and more.

If the Florida Legislature decides to eliminate permanent alimony awards, another system may need to be developed. If you and your spouse are considering divorce, it is important to make sure you understand this change and what it could mean to you. It is currently unknown how this would affect other types of alimony and how things are determined by judges in a divorce.

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