10-Vehicle Pileup Caused by Reckless Driver

Car AccidentA 62-year-old man was speeding and weaving through traffic on the Howard Frankland Bridge when his tire blew out and caused him to spin out and hit the barrier wall. The Florida Highway Patrol determined that the driver, Ivan Hall, was driving recklessly. What turned into a 10-vehicle car accident caused a traffic jam for three hours on Monday morning.

It was determined in the preliminary investigation that while the car was going back and forth across the bridge, it hit at least nine vehicles. As a result, two other drivers were taken to hospitals. The driver who caused the accident sustained the most serious injuries and was taken to Tampa General Hospital. Investigations are still ongoing.

All but one lane was blocked as a result of the accident and it backed up traffic. All lanes didn’t open until roughly four hours after the crash. Two other, non-related accidents occurred that caused traffic problems, but fortunately, those did not result in any injuries.

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