Importance of Reviewing Your Insurance Policy Ahead of Hurricane Season

destroyed homeWhen it comes time for hurricane season, how can you be sure you are prepared? While you may work to make sure your home is prepared for potential damage and your family is safe, you should also take extra steps to review your insurance policy and coverage. This may not seem like a big deal, and you may feel already secure with hurricane insurance, but do you know if you are completely protected? Is your home going to be covered no matter what? These are important questions to ask yourself, as well as your insurance provider. It is crucial to ensure that everything is covered and ready to go when hurricane season hits so you’re not scrambling to deal with an unfortunate aftermath.

Review the Language

Before you do anything else, you will want to look at the language of your insurance policy. Just because it covers you for damages caused by a hurricane, what damages does it cover specifically? Are you covered for repair and replacement? Will be you be reimbursed for time element losses, loss mitigation expenses, and recovery of research and development costs? These are important things to look out for when reviewing the policy. There are other time periods and clauses that can affect how much you get and when you get it after damage is done to your home. For instances, complex policy structures and sublimit clauses can reduce or void some payments if you are not properly covered.

Coverage for Water Damage

As bad as it is for strong winds to hit, heavy rains and flooding can cause significant damage to your home. Flood coverage and other potential add-ons may not have been placed on your policy, meaning that any damages that occurred to your property as a result of water — rather than damage from the hurricane itself — may not be covered under your current policy. Water from flooding can cause significant damage to the structure of your home, and without this being covered, you may not receive the benefits to repair or rebuild your home.

What Should Be Covered?

Insurance policies are not just there to cover your home. Instead, make sure you have all property inside — including important items such as jewelry, heirlooms, etc. — and your vehicles covered under your policy. These items may be lost or badly damaged due to either the hurricane itself or the accompanying water that can often come with it. You should make sure all of these items are completely covered under your policy so you are not left in the dark if a hurricane hits.

Adequate Coverage

Review your insurance to make sure you have adequate coverage. Perhaps you added on a bedroom to your home or bought expensive new furniture and forgot to update your policy at the time. If this is the case, your policy may not be adequate enough to cover the new assets or property if damage occurs. You want to make sure any additional items you have now are covered under the insurance policy before hurricane season hits.

At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we know how insurance companies work. Our Tampa insurance claims lawyers know that sometimes, these companies are only looking out for their own profit. This, unfortunately, leads to some insurance companies attempting to use various clauses to devalue a claim or dismiss it altogether. Don’t let this happen to you if a hurricane hits. Review your insurance policy. If you still need legal help to recover the compensation you need, you can contact our firm and learn more about your options.