4 Benefits of Pursuing Mediated Divorce

4 Benefits of Pursuing Mediated Divorce

Choosing to go through with a divorce is a difficult decision to make, but an ensuing court battle could end up being even more so. Luckily, there are alternate avenues you can pursue rather than taking your divorce to court. One of the more common options available for spouses is mediated divorce, where you and your spouse, along with your respective lawyers, meet with a neutral third party in order to discuss and resolve the details and issues regarding your divorce.

While this neutral third party, also known as the mediator, won’t make decisions for you, they will facilitate the discussion between you and your spouse in order to determine what’s best. Mediated divorce comes with its own benefits, and may prove to be the more desirable option for you.

  • Cost: Mediated divorces tend to be far less expensive than divorces that end up in court. Court battles have a tendency to drag on for long stretches over the slightest contested issue, with court and attorney’s fees increasing every day. Because mediated divorces focus more on cooperating towards a common goal, there tend to be fewer points of contention, which leads to a much quicker process.
  • Privacy: If your case ends up in court, the records of the proceedings will most likely be made available to the general public, meaning that anyone who wants to learn the intimate details of your divorce can do so. In most mediated divorces, both parties sign a confidentiality agreement to prevent the details from becoming public. Keeping the details of your divorce private can be especially beneficial in protecting your children, and can minimize their exposure to some of the more emotionally stressful parts of the process.
  • Control: Because the mediator can’t make legal decisions regarding your divorce during the mediation process, you and your spouse have a far greater level of control over the outcome. In a court case, the judge has final say in the matter, which may lead to outcomes that neither party is happy with. You and your spouse have the ability to negotiate with each other in order to find the best outcome for everyone so that both parties can leave at least somewhat content.
  • Maintaining Relationships: Especially when children are involved, it’s important to maintain at least a cordial relationship with your soon to be ex-spouse. Rather than fighting against the other person in order to achieve the best result for yourself in court, a mediated divorce allows you and your spouse to work together to create the best result for both parties.

In order to ensure that your mediated divorce is handled effectively and efficiently, it’s important to hire a quality mediator to facilitate the process. Our Tampa divorce mediation attorneys at Robert Sparks Attorneys have the experience necessary to help keep your mediated divorce amicable in order to achieve an agreement that both sides are happy with. If you are interested in details on the cost, process, and what you can expect, click here to learn how Robert Sparks Attorneys can help in your mediation. You can also call us at (813) 336-3348 if you wish to set up a meeting.