Resolve to Spend More Time with Your Family this New Year

FamilyIf you are in a situation where you are divorced and you and your ex-spouse have children, finding quality time may be difficult. It is important when families split to make sure you spend enough time with children in order to keep the bond strong. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, our Tampa family law attorneys encourage you to make a New Year’s resolution that involves spending as much time with your children as possible. We provide tips below to help you come up with ideas for activities you and your children can do together in order to strengthen your bond and make precious memories.

Pick Up a Hobby

It is important to disconnect from the electronics that have taken over our worlds. So much of our time is spent looking at some kind of screen. By finding a hobby that you and your children all enjoy, you can form a unique bond and keep the connection open. This can include many things, such as working on a car, painting, playing a sport, or simply working out.

Family Time

Family time is something that can be very beneficial. It can be made during a time like dinner when you and your children are gathered around a table. Force the electronics to be removed and simply discuss with one another about life and everything else. This keeps you involved in your children’s lives and the focus on communication.

Find Common Interests

Oftentimes, when parents lose communication with their children, it is because they don’t share any of the same interests and have nothing about which to talk. By being open to new things (music, movies, events, etc.), you are giving yourself and your children the opportunity to bond over something you all enjoy.

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