5 Tips for Balancing Work and Family

FamilyWhen a couple divorces and children are involved, a shared custody agreement is often worked out to determine who the children stay with and when. This process is always a little tricky because certain factors can alter how the agreement is made. One of these factors is a busy work schedule. As a parent, it is import to learn how to balance work and family so your children have the best chance of building a strong bond. Our Tampa family law attorneys at Robert Sparks Attorneys provide help when you need it. Below are five tips for balancing your work life and your family.

Make Sure There is Some Downtime

When dealing with a shared custody agreement, make sure the time you are scheduled to have your children is a time when you are not doing other things. Building a bond is important so you want to spend as much time with your children as possible. Don’t plan activities with friends or others that may take time away from your children.

Leave Work at Work

Far too often, people bring their work — or the stress — home with them. This makes it easy to spend time distracted and not focusing on your children. Leave the work where it belongs and make sure there are no interruptions.

Stick to Your Schedule

If you know your time with your children is approaching, don’t offer to take extra hours at work. You’ll lose precious time with your kids. Also, if you get distracted and spend more time on your projects, it may require you to work later hours and, again, keep you away from the time you are supposed to be spending with your children.

Plan Ahead for Activities with Your Children

Make sure to plan ahead. If you know there is something that you have to do with your children, you are more likely to make the time. The activity itself will allow you to grow a bond with your children and help with communication.

Plan Vacations

You earn vacation time for a reason. Your children deserve time away from stress and struggles as much as you do. Divorce is a difficult thing to endure and vacations are a great way to come together and just relax. Plan your vacation ahead of time so you can take ample time from work and enjoy the time you get to spend with your children.

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