5 Risks Drones Pose to Safety

DroneThe growing popularity of drones was expected. They have become a way for people to have fun and take photos and video from high above the ground. What people didn’t expect, though, were the dangers that they would pose. There are various risks associated with drones and warnings are going out to owners that they should stay clear of certain areas. Our Tampa personal injury lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys understand the issues that can occur because of a drone. If you have questions, call our office today.

To People

Unfortunately, those who operate drones don’t always maintain a certain altitude. Low-flying drones pose a risk to pedestrians walking on the street. The drone can strike them at high speeds or even cause distractions that lead to an accident or injury.

To Drivers

Also affected by low-flying drones are vehicles. Motorcyclists, drivers, and bicyclists can all be affected. Drones can cause drivers to swerve or become distracted resulting in an accident. For motorcyclists and bicyclists, they can also be hit by the drones causing significant injury.

To Airplanes

One factor people like most about drones is their ability to reach great elevations to take pictures or video. Unfortunately, many operate their drones too high and in areas where they shouldn’t be. If a drone were to interfere with an airplane, the result can be catastrophic. Some studies have shown that a drone can cause more damage to an airplane than birds, which have caused airplanes to crash.

To Helicopters

Helicopters are used for numerous things: transporting injured patients, providing tours, or even putting out fires. Flying a drone within a certain radius of a helicopter could impede on these jobs and potentially cause an accident if a collision with the blades occurs. Authorities have even threatened fines for anyone who flies a drone in the area of a helicopter helping with a brush fire.

To Property

Buildings, vehicles themselves, and other property could become damaged during a collision with a drone. If a drone is not operated correctly, it can hit something and cause a dent or other damage, including broken windows. These can also pose threats to the individuals around the building or vehicle.

If you have been harmed by a drone, call our firm. We’ll discuss the details of your case and determine what kind of claim you may have.