Stann Givens Re-Certified In Marital and Family Law Through 2021

We are proud to say that Stann Givens, our founding attorney, has been re-certified in marital and family law through 2021. Only about 4,800 out of the 100,000 plus attorneys practicing in the state of Florida are board certified, and just over 300 of them hold board certification in those fields. The certification process was started by the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Bar in order to give the general public another way to identify and select a suitable attorney to handle their case. Stann has been certified since 1991.

To learn more about how attorneys receive board certification, and to read what managing attorney Robert Sparks had to say about Stann’s recertification, you can view our press release here, and if you are looking to speak with one of our nationally recognized family law attorneys, call us at (813) 336-3348 of fill out our online form to send us your information and request a case evaluation today.

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