What Does Divorce Mediation Entail?

gavel and scales of justiceIf you and your spouse are considering divorce, you may be in for a big surprise once you figure out how long the process is and how much it can cost you. Fortunately, if you and your spouse are on friendly terms and can work together on the many factors involved in a divorce, there is an alternative option for you: mediation.

During the mediation process, you and your spouse will meet in front of a third-party mediator. Most often, this person is also a family law attorney who understands the factors involved. Each party can have legal representation to help them, but they also agree that matters will be resolved without contention. Should issues arise, the parties agree that they will go to trial and both will have to retain new representation.

Mediation offers the parties a chance to negotiate a settlement upon which they can both agree. If initial offers are rejected, counteroffers may be brought forth until both side feel the agreement is fair. Once you and your spouse agree on the issues involved, you sign the agreement and it is presented to the court for final approval.

The independent party is there to make sure decisions are fair and partial. He or she helps the negotiation process move forward so decisions can be made without arguing and both parties remain in control of their futures.

Mediation offers a number of benefits to those who decide to go this route. For instance, it is often quicker than going through the trial process. This, in turn, lowers your expenses because you do not have to worry about court fees. At the end of the day, the most important benefit is that mediation allows you and your spouse to lay out the guidelines of divorce and all factors including support, custody, property division, and more. In a trial divorce, the judge has discretion over the matter and may not know your situations nearly as well as you do.

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are considering mediation, call our firm today. We can explain the entire process to you and help you determine if it is right for you. Trust that when it comes to helping clients reach a favorable solution, we are always dedicated to your best interests.

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