Hurricane Season Is Coming: What You Need to Know About Insurance Claims

Ruined house after hurricaneIt’s almost hurricane season in Florida, which means you have to make sure you are covered by hurricane insurance. However, not everyone is aware of the problems that can occur when filing a claim. If you have hurricane insurance and your home is damaged in a hurricane, it is extremely important to understand what constitutes a claim and what coverage you may have.

Issues That May Arise

When you attempt to file a claim, you need to know that the process can be time consuming. Hurricanes in Florida can impact thousands upon thousands of homeowners, all of whom are looking to file a claim as well. It may take your provider a long period of time to process your claim, and even then, there can be some unexpected problems. For instance, the type of damage you have experienced may not be covered by your policy.

Hurricanes contain elements of both wind and rain. It is important to make sure you understand exactly what your policy covers and how it can affect a potential claim. A hurricane can cause either wind or flood damage to a home, sometimes both. If one of the elements cause of the damage, but you are not covered for it specifically, the insurance company may try to avoid liability.

Another problem that may arise involves the deadline to file a claim. Some people may not notice certain issues with their home until years after, and by then, it may be too late to file a claim successfully.

It is important to keep in mind that at the end of the day, the insurance company is a business. They will usually try to protect their profit and avoid paying out a claim. If a homeowner has a viable claim and the insurance company denies it, there may be a way to take legal action to receive compensation.

At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we know how difficult the insurance claims process can be. Our Tampa insurance claims attorneys work to help our clients understand their rights if they’ve been wrongfully denied a claim. You should be able to recover after a natural disaster damages your home. Let us help you take the necessary steps to get you what you deserve. Call today!