Why Hire a Former Insurance Defense Attorney?

If you have sustained injuries during an accident, it is important to make sure you have strong representation as you seek compensation. Ensuring that the lawyer you choose has the qualifications to handle these complex cases is a crucial step in the process. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we are proud to have an attorney on our team who has served as an insurance defense lawyer. Attorney Chris Codling worked with one of the largest and most recognized insurance defense firms in Florida. This practice has helped him aid plaintiffs in a number of ways.

Because of knowledge and insight gained while working on the defense side of personal injury lawsuits, our team is able to understand how the opposition approaches a case. We know what tactics and evidence they aim to use in various cases and we work hard to counter these methods using our unique perspective of both sides of personal injury law.

We know that insurance companies and their legal counsel want to settle personal injury lawsuits by paying the lowest amount possible. They will often offer a quick settlement in hopes that the situation will just go away. Because of the experience Attorney Codling has on the other side of these cases, we know that these are just low settlements to avoid litigation.

Our Tampa personal injury attorneys at Robert Sparks Attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients seek the maximum amount of compensation owed to them by law. We handle wrongful death, nursing home abuse, personal injury, and other types of cases with the necessary evidence and knowledge to challenge the defense in the most effective manner possible.

Our team is well aware of what insurance companies and their defense teams worry about most, and it is our goal to attack the vulnerabilities. You deserve fair compensation if you were injured as a result of an accident caused by someone else. Allow our team to help you. Call Robert Sparks Attorneys today for your free case evaluation.