Surviving Thanksgiving Traffic

Whenever a driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, there is the potential for danger. During Thanksgiving, the high number of travelers dramatically increases the risk of a car accident. This is due to more people on the road trying to make tight deadlines in order to make flights or travel to see their loved ones.

Unfortunately, with the added pressure of strict timelines often comes reckless driving behavior. This is when accidents happen the most even though they could be completely avoided. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, our Tampa car accident lawyers are well aware of the added risks during the holiday season and we offer tips on surviving the Thanksgiving traffic.

Watch for Speeding Drivers

This is the case mostly for Wednesday night. The day before Thanksgiving is when people travel the most and they tend to go right after work. Oftentimes, they’ll set up flights for the hours right after the work day ends and they are in a rush. On this day, it is important to try and avoid driving during this time, or at the very least, use extra caution when you get on the road.

Avoid Traveling Too Late at Night

Thanksgiving for some means parties, get-togethers, and possibly drinking. Drivers who decide to drink and drive are often on the road late at night once the party ends. This is very dangerous and can cause a car accident due to swerving and loss of cognitive ability. If you are going out and traveling by car for Thanksgiving, make sure you are back on the road at a reasonable time.

Monitor the Weather

At this time of the year, the weather can be unpredictable. Make sure you monitor the weather closely so you can determine whether travel is safe. Certain conditions can raise the possibility of an accident. If you do decide to travel in bad weather, make sure you remain safe and aware at all times, checking to make sure other cars around you are not posing a threat.

The dangers of driving during the holiday are there and it is important that drivers understand how to avoid a potential accident. If you or someone you love sustained injury in a car accident in Tampa, call our firm and discuss your case with us. We are ready to help injury victims seek compensation after a car accident caused by negligence.