Co-Parenting During the Thanksgiving Holiday

Any time a couple divorces, it can leave a strain, as well as a number of questions. With Thanksgiving approaching, one of the more difficult questions to answer will be: Who gets the children on Thanksgiving? This is one of the situations that can cause a lot of contention between the two parents and result in a court hearing regarding the issue. Oftentimes, custody on Holidays is discussed at the time of the divorce to make sure everyone knows what’s going to happen. If this wasn’t the case, our Tampa divorce lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys offer tips on co-parenting for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Share a Portion of the Day

Many divorced couples opt to share a portion of the day with their ex-spouse so the children have time with both parents. This may involve having breakfast or lunch with one parent and dinner with the other. It may not be ideal, but it is a way for both parents to have time with their children during Thanksgiving.

Celebrate Another Day

While this is, again, not an ideal situation, one of the parents can opt to celebrate Thanksgiving a day or two late — or early. By doing this, you can avoid contention and alternate in following years so the parent who celebrated early or late can celebrate the day of next year, and so on.

Alternate Each Year

One of the more common agreements involves alternating holidays. This means one year, one of the parents will have Thanksgiving with the children and the other parent may have another holiday. Then, the following year, the two would alternate and the parent who had another holiday would have the children on Thanksgiving and the other parent would have them on the other holiday.

Spend it Together

Some divorcees are able to spend time with their ex-spouse in a civilized manner. If this is the case and the couple is friendly with one another, spending the holiday together would be most ideal for the children. They wouldn’t have to celebrate twice or miss one of the parents on the holiday.

Finding a workable solution may seem difficult to do, especially when a marriage ends badly. If you need help forming an agreement, call our Tampa divorce attorneys at Robert Sparks Attorneys. We can discuss your case and see if holiday visitation or custody needs to be a part of a divorce decree.