Benefits of Hiring a Board Certified Lawyer

As with any legal matter, the experience and ability of the attorney you hire is extremely important. When it comes to matters involving your loved one, picking the right person to represent you is crucial. At Givens Givens Sparks, we are proud to have an attorney who is Board Certified as a Marital and Family Law Lawyer by the Florida Supreme Court. Attorney Stann Givens has held this honor since 1991 and continues to prove that he has the qualifications, experience, and knowledge to represent families through a wide range of cases. Having a Board Certified lawyer on your side brings with it many benefits.

If you are enduring a legal situation involving a divorce, child custody or support, alimony, visitation, or any other circumstance, a Board Certified attorney can make a significant difference in the result of your case. You can benefit from the experience and knowledge it takes to acquire this status and the legal ability and ongoing education it requires to keep it.

By becoming a Board Certified Family and Marital Law Lawyer, an attorney can claim to be a legal expert. This means that the lawyer has gone through the proper process of showing excellent legal ability and continued education. He or she must meet the minimum requirements in his or her area of law before earning board certification. These requirements include:

  • Demonstrate significant involvement in the specific area of law
  • Practice law for at least five years
  • Earn satisfactory peer review in his or her area of law regarding competence, ethics, character, and professionalism
  • Continue education requirements
  • Pass the require exam or meet strict criteria in order to be exempt from the exam

An attorney who is Board Certified must continue to meet the requirements as certification is valid for five years and must be renewed after this time.

Roughly 7% of attorneys in Florida are Board Certified over the various areas of the law. By having an expert family law attorney, our Tampa family law firm has the ability to help clients regardless of what their legal needs may be. We take pride in providing the highest quality legal counsel during this delicate and strenuous situation.

If you are going through family law issues, Givens Givens Sparks can help. We are committed to aiding our clients navigate the complex legal process and work through their toughest challenges. You deserve to know your well-being is protected and this is what we aim to achieve. Call today to discuss your case with our team.