Workplace Injury Lawsuits Versus Workers' Comp Claims

Do you know the difference between workers' compensation and work injury lawsuits? The Tampa injury lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys explain.

Anyone injured on the Job in the state of Florida has the right to pursue compensation for those injuries. The confusion often lies in determining the type of compensation. What many people are not aware of is that there is a difference between work-related injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that your employer provides to cover the cost of injuries their employees sustain on the Job. Workers’ comp protects employers from lawsuits while simultaneously protecting employees from the financial hardship of having to front medical bills and give up pay for time taken off work to recover. If you accept workers’ compensation benefits, you do not have the legal right to file a lawsuit for the same incident against your employer.

Work-Related Injury Lawsuits

Injuries that happen on the Job aren’t always resolved through workers’ compensation claims. People injured at the workplace may be able to file lawsuits – called third-party liability claims – against a defendant other than their employer. For example, an employee might work for a construction company, but is contracted by a corporation that failed to provide a safe working environment. Or an employee might have been injured by a defective product at the workplace, and consequently could file a claim against the product manufacturer.

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