Top Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid During Divorce

Going through a divorce? Social media may be the last place you want to be spending your time. Here are the top social media pitfalls to avoid while going through a divorce.

After handling hundreds of divorce cases, we have seen it all. One of the top mistakes we see people make during the divorce process is what they share on social media – and even the things they don’t share, but send electronically through email and private messaging. Electronic discovery often plays a huge role in divorce and family law cases in Florida. If you are facing an impending divorce, or are in the middle of one, take care to avoid these top social media pitfalls.

  1. Direct (and indirect) posts that disparage your spouse – If you aren’t sure if something you are about to post might be taken as a jab at your spouse, stay on the safe side and don’t share it. When it doubt, stay silent on the issue. Your spouse and his or her lawyer will jump on any opportunity to paint you in a bad light before the judge.
  2. Lifestyle posts – Avoid posting any pictures, status updates, or other content that implies or directly shows you drinking or using drugs.
  3. New relationships – Before your divorce is finalized, avoid sharing updates or photos of you with a new girlfriend or boyfriend.
  4. Parenting style – Avoid sharing anything on social media that shows or depicts a situation that could be construed as you inadequately supervising your children.
  5. Anything questionable – Any other comments, photos, article shares, or content that could be spun by your spouse and his or her lawyer to paint you in a negative light.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are hotbeds for controversy. Especially in contentious divorce cases, your spouse and his or her lawyer are likely just waiting for you to post something that could hurt your case. Don’t give them anything to go off of. Take heed and avoid these all-too-common social media pitfalls during divorce.