Robert Sparks Attorneys Wins Lawsuit Involving Sinkhole Damage

Chris CodlingRobert Sparks Attorneys is proud to announce that Attorney Chris Codling has recovered a $170,779 settlement after a sinkhole opened up in Valrico causing damage to his client’s property.

Earlier in the year, homeowners in the area noticed that the ground around their home and the house itself was developing cracks. They contacted their insurance providers and made sure to document the activity with an engineering firm. Despite evidence of sinkhole activity, their claim was denied by the insurance company. In August, the ground began to open up between the client’s home and their neighbors, resulting in a six-foot sinkhole.

The homeowners contacted our team at Robert Sparks Attorneys in order to obtain help in seeking compensation from their insurance company. After a few weeks of litigation by Codling, the case ended with the insurance company providing the full tender of the policy for the homeowner.

Codling had this to say about the case:

“Florida Law has given insurance companies the ability to deny claims if they can determine that a sinkhole has not caused actual structural damage. My first Job as a homeowner’s attorney is to ensure that we have the best experts and information available to refute an insurance claim denial. Then, I hold the insurance company accountable until they pay the claim, or we go to trial.”

Chris Codling is an experienced trial attorney who represents victims and policyholders who have been wronged. A former insurance defense attorney, he keenly understands insurance law, as well as the manner in which insurance companies approach these types of cases.

If you have been wrongfully denied a claim and need to take legal action against the insurance company, contact our team today. We are ready to help you seek the compensation you need.