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Alimony Reform

One of the most highly followed bills in the 2015 Florida Legislative session, (by Family Law attorneys), is regarding alimony reform. Currently (as of April 28, 2015), there are similar, but different bills in both houses of the Florida Legislature. Each of the bills, (Senate Bill 943 and House Bill 1248) address alimony reform. Alimony reform is a movement that is nearly ten years old.

The goals of both bills is to provide clarification and more certainty regarding alimony in Florida divorce cases. The leaders of the alimony reform movement in Florida have argued that the current state of Florida's alimony laws are too onerous for alimony payors. In an effort to help clarify the situation, each bill provides that there will be two different ranges in each alimony case; a range of time that alimony should be paid, and a range of the amount of alimony that should be paid each month.

The calculation of the range of time that alimony should be paid is a simple one. The bills read that alimony should be paid for a duration of time from 25% to 75% of the length of the marriage in question.

The calculation of the range of the amount of alimony should be paid is a bit more challenging. It takes the duration of the marriage, the difference in the parties' income, and a multiplier. This multiplier has changed as the bill has been amended during the legislative session. It remains to be determined which version of the bill will pass.