Traffic Citation Scam and Update on Red Light Cameras

Recently, the Tampa Police Department put out a warning regarding a scam involving traffic citations. The scam involves the victim receiving a call from an imposter claiming to be a Lieutenant, or other type of police officer. The imposter informs the victim that they have an outstanding traffic citation and are in contempt of Court for not paying the associated fine. The imposter then attempts to bully the victim into paying the fines with a prepaid type of credit card or bank card. The scam targets the elderly and victims are sometimes tricked with official sounding voicemails. The Tampa Police Department has indicated that they do not call drivers to collect any types of traffic fines.

In other traffic news, Florida Senator Jeff Brandes is introducing legislation that would get rid of red light cameras at Bay area intersections. Senator Brandes states, “I’m a firm believer that, although they were sold as safety devices, that they’ve into back door tax increases on Floridians.” Another bill seeks to reduce the red light camera fines from $158 to $83. While research conducted by the University of South Florida showed that red light cameras lead to more accidents, the cameras are busting people who are running red lights. We will see what changes, if any, come in 2014 regarding any new laws and red light traffic cameras in Florida.

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