Undercover Detective Involved in NY Motorcycle Incident

In a strange twist to an already bizarre and scary story involving a group of motorcyclists and a family in an SUV in New York, it has been confirmed that one of the motorcyclists was actually an undercover detective for the NYPD. The incident began when a Range Rover bumped a motorcycle on the West Side Highway and escalated when a group of motorcyclists pursued the SUV and started damaging the vehicle and attacking the driver who was traveling with his wife and two year old child. In an effort to get away, the driver of the SUV sped off and ran over one of the motorcyclists breaking both his legs and causing spinal injuries that may paralyze him. Much of the incident was caught on camera, including footage of the detective hitting and kicking the side of the SUV before the driver was attacked. The detective has been arrested under riot and criminal mischief laws.

In complex incidents such as this, there are many legal avenues to explore and discuss. The driver of the SUV may have necessity and comparative fault defenses to any lawsuits brought by the injured motorcyclists. The family in the SUV may have a civil case against the individuals who damaged their vehicle and physically injured them. There may also be liability on the NYPD if an investigation reveals that this undercover office should have acted to stop the attack. If you’ve been injured in an accident, Robert Sparks Attorneys can help you recover for your injuries and damages against any and all responsible parties.