Florida's Ban on Texting While Driving

Florida's ban on texting while driving went into effect yesterday. The goal of the new law is to make the roads safer. Governor Scott vetoed a $1 million expenditure that was marked to help promote the ban. According to a recent Tampa Bay Times article, texting while driving causes 11 teen deaths a day nationwide. School districts around the Tampa Bay region are pitching in to help promote the ban. Pinellas County high schools and vocational centers are posting signs that inform students about the ban. Hillsborough County school administrators have been given T-shirts to help promote the new law.

While teens aren't the only ones guilty of texting while driving, it is admirable that local school boards are doing what they can to help limit car accidents and save lives. An article in today's Tampa Bay Times described the specifics of a program aimed to stop texting while driving in Spring Hill. Students sat at simulators, funded by AT&T, that alerted them to the delayed response time that distracted drivers have when texting.