Unusual Legal Settlements

Most cases are typically settled through a money judgment against the at-fault party, but sometimes there other aspects to a settlement agreement that are somewhat different. For example, in a case against a natural gas company regarding damages to a family and their property from fracking, a confidentiality agreement was part of the settlement and the company initially wanted to ban a 7-year-old and a ten-year-old from discussing fracking for the rest of their lives. When word got out to the public, the company quickly backtracked on the enforceability of that clause regarding the minor children. In a civil wrongful death suit, one of the defendants came to court arguing their lack of funds, but also wearing brand new athletic shoes. The mother of the deceased child in the case had the settlement agreement state that the defendant had to turn over those shoes and walk out of court in his socks. Another unusual settlement involved the method of payment. When the father of a boy killed in an accident had to return some of the settlement money to a trucking company due to complications in how the proceeds should be divided among other victims, the father delivered $150,000 in quarters to the company. The quarters weighed about 7,500 pounds. Finally, in a case against the Chicago police for wrongful conviction, part of the settlement was for two officers to pay $7,500 each out of their pockets.

These cases are reminders that there are many different and creative settlement agreements out there, especially in high profile and unusual cases. For more information on what kind of settlement you may expect in your personal injury case, call Robert Sparks Attorneys today.