Repeal of PIP in Florida?

Florida Senator David Simmons from Altamonte Springs is planning on introducing legislation that would repeal Personal Injury Protection insurance. Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, is a type of no-fault insurance coverage for auto accidents which Florida residents must maintain that covers a portion of their bodily injury damages regardless of fault for the accident. Just recently, the PIP laws were reformed, limiting a lot of the benefits and that injured persons receive under their PIP coverage. These reforms have been challenged in Court and at least one Judge in Leon County ruled that these reforms were illegal. The reforms started because of claims by the insurance industry that PIP was riddled with fraud and was causing insurance premiums to keep rising higher and higher. Mr. Simmons states, “I’ve had several of our major insurance companies come to me and say that they are ready to move. They’re saying the system is broke, we acknowledge it’s broken, it’s difficult to fix the unfixable.”

As we did with the PIP reforms last year, we will continue to keep our blog updated with any new developments in the movement to repeal PIP. If you’ve been injured in an accident, call the attorneys at Robert Sparks Attorneys for a free case evaluation and an understanding of your PIP insurance as well as your rights against the at fault party.