PIP in Florida

Two articles a few weeks ago further reported on the status of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance in Florida. In The Florida Current, Gray Rohrer wrote that the legislation would move Florida away from PIP, and to a state where Florida drivers would need to carry Bodily Injury insurance at a minimum of $25,000 for individuals and $50,000 for the total accident coverage. Senate Bill 1888 did not make it out of committee, and therefore would not face a vote this year. Some Senators had pushed for the passage of this bill in response to Judge Terry Lewis' decision to find part of last year's PIP reform bill (HB 119) unconstitutional. Judge Lewis held that the 2012 bill improperly denied citizens access to Florida courts.

The move away from PIP, or no fault, insurance to bodily injury insurance would entail a much higher burden on determining who is at fault in an automobile accident. Kathleen Haughney, writing for the Sun Sentinel, reported that Senator David Simmons that there may be a special session to counteract Judge Lewis' ruling.