Truck accident cases can be challenging. Challenges present themselves in almost every aspect of the case, including the investigation of the trucking company. Many times, the proper investigation of the trucking company can lead to the answer of why the accident occurred.

When investigating a trucking company, plaintiffs (victims) are often best served by analyzing the companies’ policies and procedures. An in-depth analysis of the policies and procedures can establish whether or not the trucking company has acted negligently or played a role in the accident. Some of the general investigation of the trucking companies’ policies and procedures will include:

• The company’s policies on the amount of experience a driver must have.

• The investigation the company performed on the driver’s past employment and driving history.

• Whether the drivers submit to performance evaluations.

• What safety programs the companies have?

• What type of insurance is maintained on the vehicles by the company?

• What are the type of maintenance programs and related schedules for the vehicles that the company requires?

• What type of compensation program the drivers are operating under?

A truck accident attorney can assist with the investigation of the trucking company and can identify whether the company complied with Federal, State, and other local regulations. It is imperative that a thorough investigation is conducted and that all parties involved in the accident are identified and investigated, including the trucking company themselves.