Just this week, reported a story of another motorcycle fatality. On April 25, 2013, it was reported that an unidentified man from Citrus County died after he was thrown from his motorcycle. The unidentified man was just 30 years old and at the time of the accident and was driving with a passenger who was also in her early thirties.

According to the police investigation, the motorcycle accident occurred when a car turned in front of the motorcycle driver. The motorcycle hit the front of the car and as a result the motorcycle driver and passenger were thrown into the median. The driver was air lifted to a nearby hospital, and later died.

In a previous blog posted, I addressed the statistics related to motorcycle accidents which included accidents resulting from cars turning in front of motorcycles. Unfortunately, the statistics also established how life threatening motorcycle accidents can be. The above accident in Citrus County is just another example of the importance to drive in a defensive manner and to always be cautious when motorcycles are on the road.