A Bad Sinkhole Fix

A recent WTSP report was picked up by USA Today, and included on their site. This report highlighted a few of the problems with fixing a sinkhole. Ms. King, the homeowner in the video, had a sinkhole at her New Port Richey home, and Citizens agreed to fund over $240,000 to repair the sinkhole on her property. The report did not give the amount of her insurance policy, but Ms. King was left with a home that had more cracks after the repair, than before it, and no money left over to repair the cosmetic, or "above ground" damage.

This report highlights one of the most vexing problems with dealing with insurance companies on sinkhole cases. Often, homeowners are forced to repair their property, when there is not enough money to cover an adequate repair. Additionally, many homeowners are left to rely on the contractors hired by their insurance company to determine the best way to fix a home with a sinkhole. Florida law, and many florida sinkhole insurance policies, specifically favor fixing sinkholes with compaction grouting, rather than underpins. In many cases, compaction grouting will not fix the stability of the home. This report did not say whether the concrete company was at fault for pumping too much grout under the home, or if the reason for the new cracks was that there was not enough concrete pumped to stabilize her foundation.