Who Is Covered Under My Auto Policy?

Several concerns race through the minds of those involved in a car accident. Some of those thoughts include questions relating to their insurance coverage. One such question is, "Who is covered under the insurance policy?" In most Florida automobile insurance policies, coverage is provided to the named insured, as well as their spouse. Additionally, a resident relative may also be included under the definition of insured. In most policies, a resident relative is a person who is related either by blood or marriage to the insured and who also resides in the same household at the time of the collision.

Like most areas of the law, the details matter and case law makes several distinctions. For instance, there are exceptions for children in the military and college students, where coverage is typically extended. Further, there are distinctions between spouses who at the time of the accident had been separated and the actual definition of a residence, which may limit coverage.

All of the details of a case are important as they make the difference between being covered by insurance coverage and your insurance company denying coverage. In the event you are involved in an insurance dispute or if you have suffered a personal injury an accident we invite you to call Robert Sparks Attorneys for a free case evaluation.