Sinkholes in Florida

The death of Jeffrey Bush in Seffner last month caught the nation’s attention and shone a bright light on the sinkhole issues in this state. Thankfully, most sinkholes do not cause deaths. This increased attention has resulted in a great deal of “What causes sinkholes?” news reports. One such report was in the USA Today on March 5.

This article quotes Jonathan Arthur, Florida’s state geologist about the reasons for the increase in sinkhole cases in the last few years, “Urban sprawl, well-water drilling and fluctuating weather patterns all lead to sinkhole collapses.”

The article also highlighted that an investigator on behalf of an insurance company came to the home where Mr. Bush lived to check for sinkholes and assured the family there was nothing to worry about. Senate Bill 408 from the 2011 legislative session made it increasingly harder to have insurance companies perform a proper investigation of a sinkhole claim.