Father's Rights

If you are a father and are involved in a child custody battle, there are many things that you can do to improve your chances of gaining time with your children.

Many Dads who are in a fight over timesharing as a result of a divorce or paternity proceeding accept the status quo and give up the battle to be with their children more. If you are proactive, you can greatly increase the amount of time that you will spend with your children and the future quality of your life.

The main thing that you can do is to GET INVOLVED. I have seen many cases where a Dad has been too busy at work and has relied upon the Mom to spend far more time with the children. On the weekends, the Dad participates with the Mom, but never really has alone time with them.

One of the smartest moves that I ever saw in a child custody case was when a Dad who fit that bill changed his lifestyle when the lawsuit was filed. He began spending lots of time with the children. He became the assistant coach of the girls' soccer teams and volunteered at school. By the time the case went to trial, the teachers at school, the parents of other children, the receptionist in the doctor's office and the Sunday School teachers at church were all in court testifying as to what an involved Dad he is.

The court system moves slowly. If you have a child custody battle, you have time to change history and create a new reality of whether you are a responsible and caring parent.