Dental Insurance in Child Support Calculations

Should dental insurance for a minor child be included in child support calculations? In short, yes. In a recent First District Court of Appeal case, Hoover v. Florida Department of Revenue, the Father was employed by the military and traveled frequently. He petitioned to have his child support obligation modified. The administrative judge modified his child support, but failed to include a deduction for the dental insurance that he pays for the minor child. The appellate court found that the lower court erred and failed to include a deduction and credit to the Father for paying the dental insurance premium.

If you are paying health insurance and/or dental insurance for your minor child. You may be entitled to a credit or a deduction in your child support obligation based upon the payment of insurance. The Florida Statutes allows for a credit to be given to the parent who pays the health insurance for the minor child, including dental and vision insurance. If you have further questions about your child support obligation, contact your expert family law attorneys today.