Uncovering all Available Insurance Coverage

One of the first steps in a personal injury case is investigating all possible insurance coverage available to the injured person. This is important because the injured person needs to know how much coverage is available to cover their medical bills and pain and suffering and has a right to recover against all at fault parties and all applicable insurance that they may have. In a premise liability case, this often means getting the homeowner’s or business’ insurance policy and reviewing those policies for their bodily injury policy limits, in addition to any umbrella coverage that may apply and help to cover the costs of an injury. In a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, this means getting a copy of the at fault driver’s insurance policy to review their bodily injury insurance limits and also checking for any umbrella policies that may apply. Additionally, it is important to investigate not only the driver’s insurance, but the owner of the vehicle’s insurance as sometimes more than one can apply. More than one policy may apply if the vehicle was being driven by an employee of a business during the course of business operations, or when a rental vehicle is involved. The injured party may also have uninsured motorist coverage, medical pay coverage, or an umbrella policy that they may recover under.

In some cases, an injured party may accept an offer from an insurance company that will impede their ability to recover all possible compensation for damages, especially if they sign a release with the insurance company. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you will want to call Robert Sparks Attorneys for a free analysis of your case and initial review of what insurance could apply and what investigations can be conducted that will uncover all available insurance. Doing this type of investigation can significantly increase your chances of being fully compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.