Shorter Yellow Lights?

A recent expose by Noah Pransky of WTSP revealed that yellow lights had been shortened at some intersections with red light cameras. Even beyond the initial issues that arise when a government utilizes unmanned technology to issue citations to the public, this practice of shortening the time for a yellow light is even more odious. The city of New Port Richey is discussing taking down their red light cameras. Of each citation, 53% of the fine goes to the State of Florida, 27% goes to ATS (the company that manufactures the red light cameras), and only 20% of the fine goes to the city.

These shortened yellow lights could lead to more car accidents. With lights shortened, drivers used to a longer yellow light could slam on their brakes earlier, causing a car or truck behind them to rear end them. Also, with yellow lights shortened, drivers from the cross street at an intersection will have their green light activated earlier, potentially causing more head on collisions. It seems like in their efforts to avoid accidents, governments who have adopted red light cameras may have ended up causing more harm than they have prevented.