Seminar on Value Drivers in Personal Injury Cases

On June 26, 2013, Robert Sparks Attorneys attended a seminar put on by Dr. Clayton Hopkins at the Floridan Hotel in downtown Tampa. The event was designed to help educate case managers, doctors, paralegals, and attorneys on how insurance companies view personal injury claims in Florida, particularly car accident cases. The discussion focused on how insurance companies would like to fit every personal injury case into a box based on liability and the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries. This makes their payments on claims more predictable and takes a lot of decision making away from the individual insurance adjuster or defense attorney assigned to a particular case, which ultimately helps save the insurance company save money. Insurance companies would like uniformity among their adjusters in valuing injuries so they can be more consistent in saying that a disc bulge is worth a certain amount, or that if an injured party has two herniations, they should be paid a standard amount. Some insurance companies have taken this to the next level and sometimes use a computer program where an adjuster will enter certain information into and it will calculate what the claim should be worth based on the information the adjuster enters into the computer. The purpose of the seminar was to make representatives of injured parties aware of this practice and how to break free of this system.

When presenting a personal injury claim to an insurance company it is important to make sure that the injuries are well documented and that all medical bills and medical reports are included with the claim to the insurance company. It is also critical to explain the facts of the accident in order to show clear liability on the part of the at-fault driver and also how this accident has caused real-life issues for the injured party, like not being able to do certain activities that they used to enjoy. This will provide the insurance adjuster with a reason to take the claim more seriously and see that each claim can’t always fit into a nice and neat little box with an attached dollar amount. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we will do everything we can to maximize the value of your personal injury claim and to personalize your case to the insurance company so you are not viewed as just a number or statistic. If you’ve been injured in an accident, call today for a free case evaluation.